What to expect when you first visit the toddler room

The environment

• Provides a wide collection of opportunities for toddlers to explore investigate and learn in a safe, stimulating place.
• Encourages toddlers to paint, draw and engage in a wide range of creative activities, and in quieter moments there is time to look at books or complete jigsaws.
• Promotes independent learning, social skills and personal development essential for all toddlers.
• Ensures toddlers can have the opportunity to rest if necessary, sleeping on comfortable sleep mats or in cots.
• Takes account of the physical developmental needs of a toddler through using the indoor and outdoor environment.

The staff
• The staff team works closely together and with parents’ support to care for your child’s individual needs.
• The staff are experienced, with a variety of skills and qualifications to meet the needs of the toddlers.
• Up to the age of two the ratio of staff to children is one to three after which it rises to one to four.

The routine
• The day is structured but flexible to meet the individual needs of toddlers. Indoor and outdoor experiences are planned offering a wide variety of opportunities.
• The routine encourages children to socialise with others and experience small groups as well and exploring and investigating toys and activities alone or with a supportive staff member.

Moving up a room
Opportunities for experience sessions are planned, keyworkers allocated and handover sessions for parents can be organised. Just talk to the staff to arrange a suitable time.